Immunetrics has comprehensive experience creating, tuning, and developing models.

Customers approach us with the need for a model, a mathematical/graphic representation, or an existing model requiring further development.

We use our Aegis™ Platform technology when developing our mechanistic models.

Our models are generally ordinary differential equation-based, but can include:

  • Simple algebraic equations
  • Triggered events
  • Stochastic elements
  • Built-in and user-defined functions
  • Machine learning components

Types of models include, but are not limited to:

  • Full-scale disease models
    • Our thoroughly developed in-house platform allows for the creation of full disease models at scales ranging from a few equations to thousands of equations, encompassing multiple organ systems, inter/intra-cellular dynamics, peripheral tissue involvement, and circulation.
  • Critical care / ICU Models
    • Our inflammation and coagulation modules enable the development of critical care models, which can be used to investigate a variety of clinical interventions and novel therapeutics.
  • Cell models and animal models
    • From in vitro experiments to animal studies, we capture accurate mechanistic pathophysiology from a single cell to full body dynamics. Such models facilitate hypothesis testing and research development.
  • Wild-type vs. knockout models
    • Identify key biological differences, which may be completely unknown a priori, due to complex biological feedback mechanisms


Our models, in collaboration with client data, often reveal non-intuitive subtleties in biological processes, indicative of novel viewpoints, which aid in research planning, therapeutic strategy and clinical trial design.