What do we offer?

  • Work in direct collaboration with Immunetrics, as we develop novel models, run simulations, and provide results geared specifically towards where you are in the drug development process, whether it’s target evaluation, dose optimization, phase 3 go/no-go, combinatorial drug approaches, and more
    • Model-informed drug development and decision making
  • License our models as a starting point for modeling services projects or for use in our Thales model development platform.
  • License our package of modeling software tools

What is the process?

  • Our models incorporate data spanning from in vitro and animal studies to human clinical trials, enabling the generation of realistic and diverse virtual patient populations, of multiple phenotypes.
    • Published research is thoroughly vetted by our team of biologists
  • We use these virtual patients to generate cutting-edge, model-informed predictions, which enhance drug development and clinical trial design
  • Our modeling platform enables the rapid and intuitive development of models, virtual populations, and model scenarios, allowing quick and reliable predictions of clinical outcomes


Immunetrics’ cutting-edge model development platform, Thales:    

What is Thales?

  • A model building platform that automates and streamlines the QSP modeling process
  • The user describes biological influences to model and provides data to constrain parameters
  • Thales generates the model from influences and assists the user with iteratively fitting virtual populations to data
  • Quickly generate virtual patient populations, assess fit and validation performance of candidate model structures, then refine model design
  • Go from a basic prototype to a detailed model in a top-down approach
  • Reaction-oriented, functional description meta language facilitates rapid model development

Thales moves toward an environment powered by AI and machine learning, to fundamentally change the way models are built.

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A history of success: Immunetrics’ achievements include:

  • Contributed to the design of numerous phase II/III clinical trials
  • Successfully predicted multiple phase II/III trials, with both positive and negative results, across multiple disease states
  • Clinical trial predictions helped a client convince the FDA that an additional trial with an alternate dosing strategy was unnecessary
  • Contributed to numerous academic grants and peer-reviewed publications

Our QSP modeling services and software are a customizable and cost-effective way to propel your research forward.

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