Immunetrics has over 14 years of experience developing biological models and creating novel tools for mechanistic modeling.

Our suite modeling software includes a robust set of tools which make the rapid development of models, virtual populations, experiments, and analysis of complex human diseases and syndromes, far easier and maintainable than other offerings on the market.


Our Advantage

We deliver truly predictive results by first building large scale, mechanistic models of healthy physiology, then perturbing the systems in meaningful ways to create diseased states, and finally training models and virtual populations to clinical data.


We work actively with our collaborators to predict animal and human biological responses. Our quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) modeling philosophy is based on two main goals:

  1. To build biologically-informed mechanistic models
  2. To develop unique platforms that enable small and big model creation


We employ expert biologists, mathematicians, and software engineers to integrate biological pathways, design scalable mathematical models, and run simulations.
We build multi-level models spanning cells, tissues, organs, and the whole body, capturing both the healthy and disease states.


We generate realistic virtual patients that match the diversity of real world populations. We can then predict clinical outcomes of therapeutic interventions in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune indications at both individual patient and trial population levels.
Our models are built to generate actionable predictions. Full-scale, biologically-informed, mechanistic models represent many interacting pathways within a complex disease. Consequently, they scale into big models quickly, while the available technology to support these models falls short. In order to maintain useful large models, Immunetrics employs a unique bio-simulation platform, integrated and optimized to serve the needs of modelers.


Our platform was designed in collaboration with modelers and has evolved over 10 years to be tailored specifically for modeling applications.

The validation of our mechanistic models and exclusive platform technologies has led to successful collaborations with many researchers in academia, industry, and pharma. Immunetrics’ achievements include:

  • Our clinical trial predictions helped our client convince the FDA that the trials they had run were sufficient and that an additional trial with an alternate dosing strategy was unnecessary.
  • Our data analysis service has inspired new clinical trial design protocols, which helps benefit both client and patient outcomes
  • Our animal model predictions have supported numerous academic grants and peer-reviewed publications

Our QSP modeling services and software are a customizable and cost-effective way to propel your research forward.

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