QSP Modeling & Consulting Services

Immunetrics can assist your drug development processes by providing predictive information, through a variety of modeling approaches and consulting services. We can help you define preclinical targets, optimize existing compounds, investigate drug combinations, address knowledge gaps during time constraints, validate FDA requests, and more. We provide exceptional versatility in supporting our clients’ unique needs in the most time efficient manner.

What could Immunetrics do for you:

Our Approach:

Our QSP approach integrates findings from vast sources of biological research and data. We build models based on a foundation of the understood biology, with unknown or unmeasurable physiological values set by finding values that yield outputs that match clinical trials or other datasets. Models are trained to reproduce outputs, including experimental results and clinical trials. Client data can be used to create and further validate models geared toward specific goals of interest. We generate virtual patient populations and run analyses that provide actionable information to help guide client decisions.  

Our Technology:

Immunetrics has comprehensive experience developing models

  • Our models are generally ordinary differential equation-based, but can include:
    • Simple algebraic equations
    • Triggered events
    • Stochastic elements
    • Built-in and user-defined functions
    • Machine learning components
  • All of our models are designed to output the relevant biomarkers, clinical endpoints, and/or physiologic variables for a given application

Our models are used in consulting projects with clients across academia and pharma. Our services encompass an array of options, tailored to your specific project requirements.

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