Immunetrics builds models in a highly collaborative setting of modelers, biologists, and software engineers. Our interdisciplinary team has also produced software tools to streamline our QSP modeling process. Both our model library and our tool set are available for license.

Software as a Service:

  • Aegis™ Software Platform: All-In-One streamlined solution for model development
    • Immunetrics backend computing cluster
    • Platform Training
    • Customer Services
    • Fixed licensing fee/year/user


Disease Specific Models:

  • Pre-written, clinically validated models of diseases that can be used for clinical trial predictions and hypothesis testing. We can customize the model(s) for our customers.


Component Model Libraries:

  • Pre-written, tuned, and validated modules for disease modeling that can be used as standalone models or as a base for a customized model. Customers can use them in their own models, or we can customize a model for them.
  • Our component modules are built using consistent object-oriented design, which improves maintainability and reusability across different models:


We are constantly improving our tools and models. We welcome feedback and new feature requests from all clients: Contact Us