Our unique modeling platforms facilitate the rapid and intuitive development of models, virtual populations, and clinical trial simulations, using simple, maintainable processes that generate quick and reliable predictions of clinical outcomes


  • Thales Model Development Platform: A reaction-oriented, rapid development platform that automates and streamlines the QSP modeling process
  • Aegis Software Platform: An All-In-One streamlined solution for model development, including editing, graphing, analysis, and more
  • Disease Specific Models: Validated models of diseases that can be used for clinical trial predictions and hypothesis testing. We can customize models for our customers.
  • Component Model Libraries: Modules that can be used as standalone models or as a base for a customized model. Customers can use them in their own models, or we can customize a model for them.


We are constantly improving our tools and models. We welcome feedback and new feature requests from all clients: Contact Us