The Immunetrics Aegis™ integrated model development platform is available for licensing. We work with our collaborators to determine licensing options that makes sense for them.


Aegis™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which gives model developers a unique and efficient view into their models. By providing quick access to configuration options and run-time information, modelers can author, visualize, and provide multiple execution scenarios to their models with ease.

The true power of Aegis™ is that all of the model simulation is executed on Immunetrics’ highly parallelized processor grid, which allows the user to execute a large number of models in parallel without needing to have expensive, high powered computing resources. This is particularly useful when trying to find values for parameters which can not be observed in the real world, or when a large diverse ensemble of models is needed.


Aegis™ Platform

  • Removing the computational barrier of large models: In addition to solving models faster, our Simulation Engine enables modelers to build more maintainable and testable systems
  • Exploring large systems: On the foundation of our Simulation Engine, we built an entire suite of model analysis tools: Optimization, Sensitivity Analysis, Parameter Space Exploration, and more
  • Simulating clinical trials: We developed capabilities for large scale population generation for clinical trial prediction
  • Modeling tools and user interface: The Aegis frontend gives modelers easy access to the tools they need to create meaningful models



We offer a fully managed software as a service platform (SaaS) which allows execution of models on our highly parallelized grid of servers.


A full range of training and support comes with Aegis licensing:

  • On-site and remote training available
  • Customer service options
  • Access to Immunetrics’ large scale grid computing resource
  • Fixed licensing fee/year/user