Aegis Platform for QSP Modeling


  • Removing the computational barrier of large models: In addition to solving models faster, our Simulation Engine enables modelers to build more maintainable and testable systems
  • Exploring large systems: On the foundation of our Simulation Engine, we built an entire suite of model analysis tools – Optimization, Sensitivity Analysis, Parameter Space Exploration, and more
  • Simulating clinical trials: We developed capabilities for large scale population generation for clinical trial prediction
  • Modeling tools and user interface: We built the Aegis frontend to give modelers easy access to the tools they need to create meaningful models
Our mechanistic models acknowledge the interconnected nature of the body through a systems biology approach

Disease Specific Mechanistic Models

Prewritten, clinically validated models of diseases that can be used for clinical trial predictions and hypothesis testing. We can customize the model for our collaborators.

Data Analysis


Immunetrics delivers data analysis enriched to identify unexpected outcomes, provide alternative hypotheses, and optimize future experiments. We have worked closely with many different collaborators and impacted various levels of healthcare.