Personal Information Privacy Statement

For the purposes of this document, “privacy” includes any information about an individual and/or their activities. Information privacy includes contact information, images, activities, or any other information which may directly or indirectly identify an individual. This policy is intended to address the EU GDPR regulations which are more far reaching and general than the HIPAA regulations.

Immunetrics Inc. will not:

  • Sell client contact information to any other entity.
  • Purchase contact information from third parties.
  • Make any attempt to capture identifying information from visitors to our website. We will count page hits, but otherwise, visitors to our website are not individually tracked.

Contact information which is volunteered to Immunetrics will only be used for communications between Immunetrics and the individual who shared their information.

Licensed users of our Software as a Service (SaaS) applications will have their user activity tracked only to the degree necessary for the purposes of billing and software diagnostics. Immunetrics will not share any information about the licensed user’s model code, application use, or personally identifiable information with any other entity.

Inquiries or requests related to personal information privacy, contact