At Immunetrics, we build predictive, biological models of drug targets and clinical trials. 


Our model simulations are able to inform our clients’ decisions at all stages of drug development; including pre-clinical targeting, trial designs, combination drug synergies, target patient populations, new indications, and FDA requests.



Traditional drug development is limited by a variety of factors: 

  • A compound (which is safe and hits the desired target) must already exist, in order to test it in humans
  • Will efficacy in animals translate to humans?
  • Clinical trials are extremely costly and time consuming: this limits which drugs are tried and what doses and regimens are tested
  • It’s non-trivial to find enough human volunteers, especially for less common diseases


Modeling opens up an array of new opportunities and a paradigm shift in drug development: 

  • Test targets even before a drug has been developed and optimized
  • Reduce animal studies
  • Optimize the use of clinical trial participants to only the most promising compounds
  • Test a wide array of doses and treatment schedules, which would be impractical in human subjects
  • Investigate combinatorial drug approaches, again, using many more dimensions than is practical in human trials
  • Diversity of virtual patient populations enables the investigation of which types of patients will respond best to a given drug